Lots of firms say they have a consultative approach, but we deliver. We LOVE finding answers to business questions – it is very interesting – that’s why we’re in this business. And the work we do is most interesting when a real dialogue is established, when there’s a back-and-forth of ideas for how to best answer questions and go beyond the obvious.

Technology is the easy part: Years ago, running an online survey was a near miracle of science. Today, the field is commoditized, and it’s easy to post a survey. Our technology is well-established and meets our client needs. So, then what? Now you need a consultant, not a programmer. We’ll help you make your study the best it can be – we have the experience – we’ve seen it all.

A Trusted Colleague

When we ask our clients what our most valuable assets are, they say we’re:

  • Someone they can trust
  • Someone with whom they can have a collegial discussion about how research can help answer their business questions

These are the common themes we hear, and they are the reasons our CUSTOMERS COME BACK.
We’re are always happy to provide references

Single Point of Contact

We use a consulting model wherein you are paired with one person who will not only oversee, but also conduct, many aspects of your research project. This model promotes a long-term relationship wherein we better understand your company and can provide more insightful answers to your business questions. Additionally, by avoiding silos of survey writers, programmers, and analysts, each part of the research process better informs the others. There is no “dropping the ball”.


Never miss a deadline: Working in a small company allows us to limit the number of hands that touch a project. Doing so allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget.

We pride ourselves on consistently making deadlines, even aggressive ones.

Project Complexity

Complexity? We love to make it simple: One of the most interesting things about providing services to answer business questions is the variety of projects that come down the pipe. Occasionally, a client comes up with a real doozy. And that’s where the fun begins. We like to be challenged, so don’t hold back; we can often make it a lot simpler than you thought.