Experts in the field

Most of our clients don’t have time to go to the latest conference on conjoint analysis or predictive modeling. We feel an ethical responsibility to understand the latest methods available to answer your business questions. We make time to stay abreast of new developments in the field, and we engage with colleagues to stay ahead of the curve. Larger vendors don’t have the luxury of ensuring all of their Project Managers are experts in the field… We are.

We also like to share our expertise. Nico presented on MaxDiff and conjoint analysis with Vivek Bhaskaran of Survey Analytics, he has giving trainings on pricing research using adaptive choice-based conjoint at Sawtooth Software events, and he was a judge, along with Clay Voorhees from Michigan State University and Alisa Schilmoeller from 3M, for the inaugural Sawtooth Software Marketing Analytics Consulting Challenge sponsored by Sawtooth Software, 3M, Survey Sampling International, BYU, Michigan State, and UCLA.

We regularly perform “brown-bag lunches” with our clients and other Market Research companies on current trends in hi-end analytics.