Your Brand is Here – Positioning Tools

Typical Questions Research Addresses

  • Why do customers choose one brand over another?
  • Is a brand competing in the right category?
  • What specific new products/services can a brand successfully offer?
  • What are the sources of trust employed by a customer when choosing a brand?
  • What are the key messages that resonate with your most profitable customers?

Brand research helps answer all these questions and more.  From brand attribute /positioning to brand awareness and preference, and from message and image testing to identifying unique target groups for messaging, brand research can help you answer these business questions.

Brand Positioning Map

Brand Map technology provides a three dimensional view of relative ranking on attributes for both one’s own company and competitors.  Providing relative strengths and weaknesses on associated attributes for all companies can help you make better strategic branding decisions.


Brand Positioning Scorecards

Brand Scorecards place measured attributes in a dashboard view that includes all competitive rankings. These relative performance rankings are statistically evaluated and color coded so you can easily see your company’s performance against competitors. This view can be especially useful when an organization is prioritizing which attributes to use for marketing materials. It is also useful for Brand Trackers where previous scores can easily be seen side-by-side to understand relative improvement, or to compare different regions or countries on the same attribute.


Brand Attribute Importance

Monitoring awareness and leadership on attributes can be very helpful. However, the data can be more meaningful when clients understand how customers rate the overall importance of attributes. Anchored MaxDiff is an outstanding methodology for this purpose, where outputs show attribute rankings on a ratio scale.  Additionally, a threshold is shown, above which certain attributes reach a level of absolute importance.  Clients find that using this data in conjunction with Brand Map / Brand Scorecard results provides them the input to make better strategic marketing decisions.


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